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Dear TigerOne: You are 7 Months Old

11 Jun

Dear TigerOne,

The merry month of May was busy, mister!

Mr. Blue Eyes is 7 months old today.

Your half birthday and your Dad’s actual birthday are one day apart, which is pretty cool. We celebrated both by heading to the horse races with friends and then having yummy Indian food. I was holding you in the carrier the whole time so I didn’t get to snap a photo at the races, but here are the two of you being cute in the yard.

This arugula looks suspicious.

There was cake too! It was either addressed to “Mr. Papa” or “Mr. Potato”…

Señor Papa

Then it was your first Cinco de Mayo. We didn’t do much to celebrate, but given that you are half Mexican I felt it was important to document this day with a photo.

Baby's first Cinco de Mayo

We bit the bullet and upgraded you from the “baby in a bucket” seat, to a big kid car seat. The downside of this is that you have nowhere to sit at a restaurant and that I have to wake you to bring you inside when you fall asleep on car rides, which is every car ride. Oh, well. You will soon be strong enough for a restaurant high chair, and you love the increased room and visibility of your new chair.

The new big kid car seat is a hit!

You continue to be more and more interested in the world around you. Suddenly books have taken on a whole new dimension and they are fascinating! Yay for books!

AM #tummytime with Fuzzy Bee & Friends. Such #focus & #determination

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day by going to a garden party at Annie’s Annuals, and then to a craft fair at Jack London Square complete with a photo both and rubber chicken. Then we rounded things out with some lunch at Cato’s. It was quite a wonderful day. Your Dad said that he tried to let you plan something fun, but your party planning skills are pretty weak at this point. He went all out though and built a sweet little dinning patio for me with some furniture and a giant umbrella. Good save, Pops! Our little work-in-progress yard is shaping up nicely for some summer time fun. Now we’ve just got to get some grass growing.

mothers day Mother's Day Portrait #chickenbombed

The biggest event of the month by far was your first surgery and a weekend hospital stay. We removed your very last NG tube early on Friday morning. Then you had a quick procedure to put your g-tube in. I was a mess while you were in the in the O.R. but of course everything went smoothly.

My little #toughguy in pre-op. #tigerone

The worst part of the whole ordeal was the 36 hour fast you had to endure. We spent one of our longest nights together while I sang you lullabies and tried to help you forget how miserably hungry you were. On Saturday afternoon you got to eat and by Sunday we were home with your new tube in place. You’ve been showing off your adorable naked cheeks ever since!

These naked cheeks are HOME!

Your sleeping habits completely tanked after the hospital. Suddenly there was lots of fussing before bed and waking up throughout the night. It was no fun. So I launched a napping campaign to try to get you on to a schedule. I also started introducing some lovies to your sleeping routines and it turns out you do in fact love them. You have been cuddling up a storm at night with the frog blankie that your Grandma gave you. You also really dig scrunching your homemade taggie blankie over your face at nap time, I have to move it after you’ve fallen asleep. It’s really fun to see you bonding with things.


After about a week of terrorizing our sleep, things simmered down a little and it turns out that all of that disrupted sleep resulted in some pretty excellent developmental progress. Why do you babies insist on losing your minds when you gain new skills? Can you try to tone that down a little? Sheesh. At least the craziness had a payoff of more reaching, grabbing, and the major achievement — rolling! I discovered you could do this when you rolled yourself off of the bed… From here on out you will be surrounded by a pillow fortress on the bed at all times.

Onward to the eight month mark, tough guy!