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Wright’s Law

28 Dec

On Christmas Eve, the New York Times featured a video called Wright’s Law on their website. It profiles a high school science teacher who has a son with Joubert Syndrome (JS). He seems like a wonderful teacher and an incredible father.

Watching this video was the first time that I had the opportunity to see someone with JS other than my son. The boy in this video, Adam, is pretty severely affected by the syndrome and while I know that JS is a broad spectrum disorder and we won’t know how TigerOne is affected until he is older, it was pretty emotional to see how JS affects this child and his family.

Ever since we got TigerOne’s diagnosis we have hoped for the best while bracing ourselves for all of the potential manifestations of the disorder. I dream that my son will be able to walk and talk one day, but have no idea if he ever will. It’s easy to get lost in the overwhelm of his possible future. This video reminds me that no matter how it all shakes out, the power of a parent’s dedication to their child is epic. Despite the challenges that JS might bring, love lives.

Wright's Law

Wright’s Law
DECEMBER 24, 2012
By Zack Conkle

Jeffrey Wright uses wacky experiments to teach children about the universe, but it is his own personal story that teaches them the true meaning of life.