I’m Ayah, also know as Ayahthetiger and Tigerlandia is my little online home, welcome to it. Get cozy and stay a while.

I’m a first time Mama living in the California Bay Area with my awesome husband, and a couple of crazy kitties. My son, TigerOne, was born on 11/2/12 and diagnosed with a rare genetic brain malformation called Joubert Syndrome (JS) when he was 10 days old. JS can manifest in many different ways and we won’t know the extent of its impact on TigerOne until he gets a little older. We do know that he has got a unique brain and is going to face some unique challenges in life because of it.

JS is really rare and because of that it often feels like a lonely diagnosis. I’m starting this blog in part to share my experience with other families whose lives are impacted by JS, and to also raise a little awareness about the syndrome. If you are a parent affected by JS who stumbled across this blog and want to
connect, please feel free to reach out!

Although TigerOne has got some special needs, this isn’t  meant to specifically be  a special needs blog, it’s intended more to be a catalog of these early times, becoming a mom, and finding my way through it all.

Why TigerOne?

We have referred to our son as TigerOne ever since we found out we were pregnant. The reason is kinda nerdy, my long time screen name is ayahthetiger and since my husband’s screen name is cinemaone, it seemed fitting to combine the two names to create a screen name for a babe, TigerOne.


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