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Dear TigerOne: You Are 5 Months Old

18 Apr

Dear TigerOne,

Ok. So, you are actually 5.5 months old. Sorry baby, it turns out that raising infants does not lend itself to punctual blogging. Good thing I kept some notes last month so that I can remember what actually happened.

You are welcomed the dawn of your sixth month with the sniffles and a cough. It was sad to see you all stuffed up, but it made for some pretty good snoring. Because you are so little, your snores are pretty cute — live that up, kid! It’s a short window before it becomes not so cute. Likewise with your chubby fists and thighs. You babies have got it good.

March brought a big change in routine when I returned to work 3 days per week. We found you a sweet nanny with a solid medical background, and you seem to like her. I miss you a lot when I am at work, but I’m finding that spending some time missing you is probably making a better mother. I love you so much, but I think I was starting to get a little stir crazy at home with you all day everyday. Still, it’s been a bitter-sweet transition, and I think it’s going to take some time to get the hang of it. I am thankful that I can get away with working part-time, and still shuffle you around to all of your appointments and take adventures with you on my days off.

In Occupational/Physical Therapy we are:

  • Continuing eating purees, which you are doing great with!
  • Strengthening your obliques to increase your rolling skills
  • Encouraging you to touch your feet and knees
  • Encouraging you to reach out and grab things
  • Lots of visual tracking exercises and working on eye contact
  • Continuing to strengthen your neck muscles with tummy time

Here are the big events from your fourth month:


You had your second sleep study. I’m pretty sure that I will never get over the shock of seeing you hooked up to all of the wires involved in an EEG. Somehow you manage to look adorable despite it all — we call that major skillz. The sleep study showed that you are still having a lot of apnea, and we had to put you back on night oxygen for the foreseeable future. Your Papa and I hate putting the cannula on you, and you hate wearing it, but it’s preventing you from developing pulmonary hypertension, so it’s gotta be done. Thems the breaks, kid.

Baby guts #stomach #upperbowel #fluoroscopy #upperGIstudy

Check it out, another picture of your insides for your baby book! In your fifth month we got to see a picture of your stomach and your upper bowel. Everything is looking good in there. They said that your upper bowel is forming “a beautiful ‘c’ shape” which is what it’s supposed to do. Your guts are beautiful! I’m such a proud Mama. This picture was the result of a fluoroscopy that we had done in preparation for your g-tube surgery. I’ll write a more on that later, but after a lot of debate your Papa and I decided to upgrade you from the nose feeding tube to a belly feeding tube. It’s gonna be good for all of us in the long run.

4.5 months

You continue to allow me to dress you like a doll, and I love it. This is perhaps one of my favorite daily motherhood tasks. I am living it up before you crush my dreams by demanding to pick out your own clothes.

Captain calamari

Captain Calamari, the pirate octopus is hands down your favorite toy. Wherever you roam, he is typically not far off. Your favorite tentacle is that golden satin hook one, it crinkles. It is your highest goal in life is to get that one into your mouth and gnaw on it. Such lofty goals you have, my young friend.


Bunny brought #tigerone some things too. He must have been impressed with Coltrane's bunny portrait.


We went to Sacramento for Easter and you got to hangout with your cousins. The whole lot of you are pretty stinkin’ cute if I do say so myself. Your Auntie took some excellent Easter portraits, she’s good like that. And the Easter Bunny brought you a ducky basket filled with things to chew on! Does the Easter Bunny know you or what?

Picnicking with my little. ✨

We went on a couple of picnics. I’m not sure this picture can fully capture how much joy you bring me, but it does a fair job. Nothing better than spending a sunny afternoon outdoors with my little love.

5 months old today. Finally decided to grow some hair. #tigerone

And major news here: You finally decided to grow some hair! This is like, 5 times the amount of hair that you had the month before! I don’t think I had this much hair on my head until I was at least 2 years old. Way to show me how it is done. Also, it looks like your eyelashes got the hair growing memo as they have suddenly become amazing as well.

So, that’s the scoop on your fifth month. Way to keep on being awesome, kiddo! Your sixth month is shaping up to be busy and exciting, but let’s try to avoid spoiler alerts since I am supposed to blog about that in a mere 2 weeks. Let see how soon that actually happens.