New Life Comes

23 Dec

One of my best friends is in labor right now.

I sit here miles away, remembering what that experience was like for me less than two months ago. I’m sending her thoughts of love and strength, while cuddling my own sweet baby boy in the early morning light. TigerOne’s breath falls sweetly on my neck. Outside rain is steadily falling, and inside ocean waves crash continuously on the white noise machine. There is no time in this moment. Only me and this tiny being, flesh of my flesh, his heart beating in my arms. There is nothing like this feeling.

It is the Eve of Christmas Eve and another new life is making its way into this world. I’m so thrilled for my friend to finally meet the mysterious and beautiful creature she has been growing and nurturing all of these long months. For her to experience tender moments like this, where it feels like there is no one else in the world. I cannot wait for her to know this kind of love.


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