Dear TigerOne 12/13/12

13 Dec

Dear TigerOne,

Today you took your first trip to Christmas Tree lane, which has been a holiday tradition in Alameda for about 1000 years. Last year your father & I went for the first time and I talked a lot about how this could be a family tradition for us and one day we would bring our little one to share all of the bright twinkling lights with.

I put you in the ergo carrier to keep you warm and we strolled the lane as your Papa snapped lots of pictures. Between bouts of fussiness you sucked my pinky  finger and calmly took in the bokeh of the holiday twinkle as I sang Kanye’s “Lights” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”.

On the way home to give your you 9 pm feeding you were so hungry that you ate 45 mls out a bottle. That’s a personal record for you. Last week you were eating 2 mls 1 drop at a time out of a syringe. Today it seems like you can’t suckle down that milk fast enough. Everyday you impress me with your ability to learn so quickly. When that bottle goes in your mouth you get an extremely focused and serious look about you. I can tell that you are working very hard to learn how to eat, and your work is paying off. I know this sense of determination will serve you well as you face other challenges in this life. Everyday you continue to make my heart explode with pride.

I adore you, my sweet little reindeer.




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