Dear TigerOne 12/10/12

10 Dec

Dear TigerOne,

Today we took our first long walk in the stroller. We went to a cafe with a friend of mine and then you came with me to my Drs. apt. You spent the whole visit snoozing in your seat. Such a good baby.

I stopped at a restroom to change your diaper which turned out to be super poopy and you were pretty unhappy about the situation. In the middle of the stinky crying chaos you pulled out your NG tube. Fortunately you weren’t due to eat for a few hours so your father & I seized on the opportunity to take some pictures of you tube free. We had a lot of fun & I got some frame worthy shots for Xmas. You are really ridiculously cute with our without that tube, but it was a lot of fun to kiss on both of your chubby cheeks and admire your sweet face without it.



Christmas Hams


One Response to “Dear TigerOne 12/10/12”

  1. meighan December 28, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    I love this photo so much. ❤

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